Boozin’ Again – Lindsay Lohan Cited for DUI!!!!

May 26, 2007

Will Lindsay be the next celebrity in line behind Paris Hilton to sit behind bars for her drinking and driving?

Of all the weekend’s to have a cocktail (or 10) and get behind the wheel, Lindsay Lohan picks Memorial Day Weekend.

At 5:30 a.m. this morning, Lindsay was still going strong, traveling in her Mercedes SL-65 with two friends when it crashed on Sunset Blvd. Another car crash???!!!! According to police, Lindsay was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, therefore only allowing police to issue a citation of investigation for driving under the influence, which means Lindsay will appear in court to answer the citation.

Well…that was certainly a waste of rehab money. I hope she wasn’t still going to AA meetings and telling everyone she was sober. Those former drunks don’t take news like this lightly! I don’t understand why with all their money, they don’t call a cab or hire a limo to drive them around to their bar-hopping escapes.

She’s been in several car accidents while she was sober…she doesn’t need her driving skills further reduced!

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