Lindsay Lohan Court Appointed Conservatorship?

September 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohan could have a court appointed conservatorship? My question would be…who? She certainly needs some help since she can’t seem to help herself! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here!

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The possibility that Lindsay Lohan could be appointed a conservatorship by the court, is feasible, but who would be suitable for Lilo? Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

Well, Lindsay has definitely had a rocky few months. Lack of stability? I’d say so! After failing two drug tests, testing positive for controlled substance use, the troubled actress later admitted in a tweet using her Twitter account. Since, Lilo has been jailed and let out on $300,000 bail.

Judge Eldin Fox sent Lindsay back to the slammer on Friday only for her to be let out later that night, says the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. With a “probation revocation hearing” still four weeks away, Judge Patricia Schnegg overturned the decision for bail to Lilo, after her lawyer’s writ of habeas corpus was granted.

According to Fox News, under the California Welfare and Institute Code for Mental Disorders and Chronic Alcoholism:

“The courts may determine Lindsay unfit to care for herself even though she is an adult. This would be subject to another court hearing separate to the criminal case, and could be determined from a mental health evaluation made when and if she returns to rehab.”

Given her risky behavior and her lack-there-of parenting, one can assume that the courts could choose a third party to serve as Lohan’s conservator to “act as a legal guardian over her affairs,” which in my opinion, would be her best bet!

You know, I think Lindsay Lohan and her career could be saved, that is if a court appointed her conservatorship for the star. This way, she would be “required to report to that particular person instead of a probation officer. The conservator would also handle all her finances, issues regarding court supervision and employment opportunities.”

What do you think? When is enough really enough? Leave your thoughts in the comment box and also see photos and a video clip below.

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10 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Court Appointed Conservatorship?”

  1. 1
    Tombo Says:

    She needs to do 6 mos in rehab. Until she does,
    she is just a spoiled brat being enabled by the system.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    As long as the don’t appoint either one of her idiot parents then I guess just about anything is worht trying at this point in her life

  3. 3
    jaker Says:

    I think that would be meddling in a person’s private life and is exactly what this country is sick and tired of. She can do with her life as she pleases inside or outide the law and reap the benefits of either. This is an absurd and ridiculous question, and since you have pointed it out I am going to make sure those laws are removed from the law books. A different approach would be a MHRO(Mental Health Restraining Order) forcing her for an evaluation. It amazes me how interested people are in another persons body, but fail to take care of their own. ie; the overweight Additionally, this is exactly the type of socialistic government that the majority of the United States is resisting and will resist until all of the socialist are removed from office.

  4. 4
    fjakfjk Says:

    Sick and tired of this gutter trash, the joke of a judicial system in CA, the special treatment for the supposed and real famous. this piece of gutter trash is still thinking she is an actress for being a child actress at 10 yrs of age. Acting as a 10 yr old does not an actress constitute an actress at 24. lock away this trash and throw away the key.

  5. 5
    SH Says:

    Seriously…this girl needs all the help she can get!

  6. 6
    vero Says:

    Linsey can run her own life, for better or for worse. Her problem is not mental illness so she can go out there and be a worthless street addict for all I care.

  7. 7
    sactown_mack Says:

    America has become so dumbed down it’s sad …

    The “public” seems convinced that she is getting some “preferential treatment … but the reality is she is getting just the opposite. The number of functional drug users cant even be counted because to fail to include the hydrocodone,Vicodin, percolation, would be to fail to include 20 % of our adult public. She had two DUI in a 3 month span 4 + years ago . The average California citizen would receive at most a month in jail. If I were Lohan at this point I would opt to complete a court ordered sentence for the crime and be done with the “probation”

    Do any of you know how hard it is to “violate” a non violent offenders probation ? PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

  8. 8
    sarah Says:

    It worked for Britney!

  9. 9
    Stacy Says:

    Yes- desperate times call for desperate measures. She’s an addict and she’ll need all the help she can get to beat it.

  10. 10
    Miriam Says:

    Here we go again!