Lindsay Lohan Heroin Photos: Real or Fake?

September 25, 2010

This is scary! Photos have just surfaced of what appears to be Lindsay Lohan using heroin. The shocking pictures hit the web less than a day after the former Disney starlet was bailed out of jail. Get the scoop below.

Lindsay Lohan

I must start out by saying my heart goes out to this girl. It seems that most people judge her very harshly instead of having empathy for her. Remember she is a human being too, and things clearly happened in her life that made her prone to addiction, which is classified by many leading medical experts as a disease. You wouldn’t condemn a person with any other type of illness, at least I hope not, so why condemn her? So, like the song goes, “god forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes ‘Cause then you really might know what it’s like to sing the blues”.

Here you can find the photos of what appears to be Lindsay Lohan using heroin, but remember they have not been authenticated, so right now it’s all just speculation…You be the judge.

In one of the pics you see a tourniquet wrapped around the arm – this is how users of the drug elevate veins – of a female who may or may not be Lindsay. Some of the pictures show what appears to be the ‘Mean Girls’ star holding a syringe. Another one of the photos depicts people who resemble Lilo and Paris Hilton hugging.

You can learn more about her testing positive for adderall/cocaine and her recent court hearing here.

My advice to Lindsay is to get the heck out of Hollywood as fast a possible. The people surrounding her are vultures who will eat her alive. If she wants to get her life straightened out, the Paparazzi capital of the world is probably not the place to be. But, now, with all of her legal woes she might be stuck there for a while…Best of luck to you girl!

What do you think? Are the Lindsay Lohan heroin photos real or fake? Share your answer with us in the comment section below.

Lindsay Lohan

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22 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Heroin Photos: Real or Fake?”

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  1. 1
    Janet Says:

    Oh, shut up. Can’t believe I actually logged onto your stupid site but the freakin’ headline NATURALLY caught my eye. Lindsay Lohan is not a freakin’ heroin addict, and I am not sure, but I THINK what you have just implied is grounds for a law suit. Tell you what, I’ll check that out, and pass this along to people who might agree. Thanks! You people and your whole ilk are truely the scum of the earth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Voiceof Reason Says:

    Uh, no Janet. Lyndsay would have to prove that this site is trying to intentionally ruin her career which is next to impossible. Otherwise TMZ would have gone the way of the dinosaur a long time ago. Take a deep breath and calm down.

  3. 3
    MNW Says:

    Janet, I’m sorry that you feel that way, but did you even read my article? Not once did I accuse Lindsay of being a heroin addict. I didn’t even imply that she has ever used the drug. All I reported on was the facts, which are pictures have surfaced showing a person who resembles Lohan holding a syringe, among other incriminating things. I provided a link to where you could see the pics for yourself and therefore be the judge on whether or not they are real. Janet, I urge you or anyone else who may feel the way you do to reexamine what I wrote.

  4. 4
    Dan Says:

    I totally agree with Janet, Lohan is the scum of the earth and we should all file a lawsuit against her for being so worthless. Send her to jail for a long time.

  5. 5
    McDonald Says:

    Haha Janet = Lindsay Lohan herself. She must spend 24/7 reading these stories.

  6. 6
    Bum Says:

    That’s doesn’t even look like her. The nose is too wide, the cheekbones are too high, and the chin is too narrow.

  7. 7
    LindsayHater Says:

    Next time why not just take a whole lot more and put us all out of the misery of seeing her ugly mug plastered all over the place. Shes worthless and the world would be a better place without her in my not so humble opinion. What good does she do? Maybe she should have to pay back tax payers for all the money it costs us to put her in and out of jail? Shes a leech on society. I don’t care if its her or not. I cannot stand the worthless loser.

  8. 8
    ckhs Says:

    Whatever she’s doing, she’s definitely ruining her looks. Sad.

  9. 9
    chris f Says:

    Yeah…I really feel sorry for someone who’s been thrown in jail 4 times and hasn’t served more than a week. I would pray for her slow painful death but it would only make her more famous.

  10. 10
    X Man Says:

    Even in 2007, cell phone pics would have been higher in quality, even at night. With such poor detail there’s no telling what portion of the photos are real or not.

    I call BS and would like to add that it’s not fair for even an addict like Lilo to be abused like this in the media. She should sue x17online is who she should sue.

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