Gugu Mbatha-Raw: ā€˜Undercoversā€™ Starlet (Photos)

September 22, 2010

Gugu Mbatha-Raw co-stars opposite of Boris Kodjoe in J.J. Abrams latest action packed thriller ā€˜Undercoversā€™, for which the season premiere (season 1 episode 1) aired tonightā€¦ I bet you donā€™t know the powerful meaning of the beautiful British actressesā€™ name, but you can find out along with much more interesting info about her (including photos and video) and the show below.

Gugu Mbatha Raw

Right now Gugu Mbatha-Raw isnā€™t a household name, heck, it isnā€™t even a name that most people have ever heard before, but give her new NBC thriller a few episodes, and just watch, youā€™ll be hearing her unique name everywhere. So what is this heavily hyped series about? Itā€™s about a (sexy) CIA spy power-couple that are reactivated as agents after being retired from the agency for sometimeā€¦Sounds freakinā€™ awesome, doesnā€™t it?!

What other fresh faces have roles in the show? Gerald McRaney, Ben Schwartz, Carter Macintyre, Mekia Cox, Nancy Wetzel, and Brad Grunberg. Iā€™m not really too familiar with any of these actors, but you know if they are JJ approved, then they must be good, right?

Find more photos and info about the actress and the show at TV Fanatic.

As a biography, Gugu Mbatha-Raw was born in 1983 in Oxford, England. Her first name is short for Gugulethu, which is Zulu for ā€œour prideā€. She was raised in Witney, Oxfordshire (sounds like a place out of the Lord of the Rings). At a young age she discovered her passion for acting and actively pursued it. By the time she was 11-years-old she was already appearing in plays at the Oxford Playhouse. Not only is she an outstanding actress, but she was also blessed with musical ability too. She play the saxophone, but, naturally, never while she is singing with her angelic voice. She has appeared in numerous television shows, but her most recent role as the wife of Steven Bloom, Samantha Bloom, in ā€˜Undercoversā€™ will likely be what you could call ā€œher big breakā€.

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Find pictures of Gugu Mbatha-Raw (click on pics to enlarge) and a sexy promo video below.

Gugu Mbatha Raw 1Gugu Mbatha Raw 2Gugu Mbatha Raw 3Gugu Mbatha Raw 4Gugu Mbatha Raw 5Gugu Mbatha Raw 6Gugu Mbatha Raw

Photos: www.wenn.comJoseph Marzullo/PNP/Nikki Nelson/FayesVision

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8 Responses to “Gugu Mbatha-Raw: ā€˜Undercoversā€™ Starlet (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    Wow, she is beautiful! Ugh, just one more thing to add to my DVR!

  2. 2
    Stacy Says:

    I like the sound of this series. May have to give it a shot!

  3. 3
    Joan Says:

    Yes, anything by JJ Abrams is worth checking out.

  4. 4
    Rachelle Says:

    This show is awesome and so is she.

  5. 5
    Miriam Says:

    You got that right Rachelle

  6. 6
    John Greathouse Says:

    The young lady really had a nice body. She will fo places.

  7. 7
    Al Says:

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a talented young lady. Her beauty is timeless and she sings, plays the sax and acts, too.

    Hope to hear from her on the music level soon with some new sounds. And, when can we, the fans, look forward to that slamming CD featuring Gugu on sax and vocals? Real soon, real soon we hope.

    And Miss Guugu … always stay true to self.

  8. 8
    Jamesgang Says:

    Listen, I don’t jump over too many females, but this sister is smoking. I really like seeing her on the new show Undercovers. I watch it just to see her, I’m in love.