Courtney Love Slams Dr Martens

May 25, 2007

Courtney Love, former wife of dead Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain has blasted shoe manufacturer Dr. Martens for using her late husband in an advertisement. The singer is said to be ‘furious’ with the company for using an image of Kurt wearing black Dr. Martens boots, draped in an angelic robe and sitting on a cloud. Dr. Martens spokesman Andrew Petch explained:

“We wanted to communicate that Dr. Martens boots are ‘made to last’ and we discovered that these idolized musicians wore them. Showing them still wearing their Docs in heaven dramatized the boots’ durability perfectly. And, as images, they feel very iconic.”

But thanks in part to an outraged Courtney Love, the new Doc Martens ad has been given the boot.
Courtney has branded the advert “despicable�? and insists the late Nirvana frontman would never have agreed to it.

Her representative said: “Courtney had no idea this was taking place and would never have approved it. She thinks it’s outrageous that a company is allowed to commercially gain from such a despicable use of her husband’s picture.�?

I guess Courtney Love forgets all about posing with dying Jesus that looked like Kurt Cobain..

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