Rihanna’s Diet

May 25, 2007

Rihanna told to Us Weekly Magazine about her diet and workout. The singer, who looks amazing in her video “Umbrella”, said her body was so great (in the video), and she said “the work paid off!”. She replaced casual Pilates class with strength work with a trainer and treadmill runs three times a week. It’s sounds good and reasonable. But the Diet… eeeh… It doesn’t look healthy… According to the magazine, Rihanna’s typical menu: Lemon water and pineapple in the morning, soup at lunch, a snack of egg whites, and chicken for dinner. Ok, with this Diet “Anyone loses weight”, that’s a starvation diet. That’s one of the most unhealthy diets I’ve ever heard of in my life. I can’t believe magazines are promoting this diet. I think she looks great but the way her weight loss is celebrated is SAD.

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2 Responses to “Rihanna’s Diet”

  1. 1
    lisa Says:

    Okay, relax. It’s not THAT bad. Allot of celebrities go on crash diets when all they eat or shall i say drink is water to keep them satisfied. I dont find it a problem at all, if its a long-term diet yes. But other than that its alright. Soup for lunch is perfectly normal and chicken has tons of protiens, so i wouldnt go overboard and call it starvation.

  2. 2
    naaddiiaa Says:

    alrighty than well, thats not a bad diet if i say so my self…at least its working i guess she looks amazing. now everyone needs to get of her fricken back and leave her alone, im sick of everyone saying shes not hott she is and everyone else id just hating on here…love you rihanna, i made it to your brisbane show and it was great keep it up… xoxoxox :p :) 8)