No Kiss and Makeup for Simmons and Osbourne

May 25, 2007

Gene Simmons’ extra-long tongue has been flapping a bit more than Sharon Osbourne can take in silence.

Gene Simmons’ recently sounded off publicly regarding Sharon and Ozzy’s children Jack and Kelly, claiming his kids were better off than the Osbournes’ because they weren’t involved in drugs.

In an interview in the new issue of Blender magazine, Sharon Osbourne lashes back with a vengance at the “Demon”, spewing off obscenities about Simmons, his family, and especially his wife. Sharon refers to Simmons as a “C-List celebrity” and saves an especially vicious comment for Gene’s longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Shannon Tweed.

“His wife’s snatch has been rubbed on every pole in L.A. I’ll fucking tear his head off and stick it up his wife’s cunt.”

As much as I was once a Kiss fan, I’d have to say they both have zero class. And as for the kids…well…Gene Simmons does appear to have the upper hand with his, but who is he to judge Sharon and Ozzy’s method’s when he’s a self-admitted whore.

Perhaps they should stick to conversation about something they both understand…like plastic surgery.

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