Michele Noonan: Playboy’s Foursome reality show star

September 14, 2010

Meet Michele Noonan, Playboy’s Foursome reality show star. Now while you may be a huge reality show addict, you may recognize Noonan from CBS’ Big Brother season 11. Let me tell you, this uncensored show is sure to draw a lot of attention. Not only will the cast mates appear on camera nude, but some scandalous relationships ensue. Read more about the show and see photos of the geeky but beautiful Michele here!

michele noonan

Michele Noonan has signed on with Playboy’s Foursome reality show. While you may have thought you have heard of it all when it comes to reality shows, this one really takes the cake. Foursome is one of those shows that will either have you glued or have you completely offended. And you can thank Playboy for that.

Four reality television stars were chosen to be filmed on camera for a sex show. Yes, this show primarily focuses on doing the freak nasty, which normally happens on a variety of other shows even though we don’t normally get to see the actual deed. But, this show not only will the cast mates be filmed naked, but they will also be shot having sex.

While confirmation that Noonan has signed onto the cast, TMZ is also reporting that I Love New York’s Jason Rosell (aka Heat), Flavor of Love’s Pumpkin (also known as Brooke Thompson) and Real World Sydney’s Dunbar Merrill have also been added to the cast.

Sounds like a show I definitely will not be checking out.

Michele Noonan was recently in the news for her steamy public lesbian kiss with Lydia Taverna, which you can see here.

What do you think? Will you be checking out the pretty much soft porn show on Playboy? Leave your comments in the space below. I’d love to know what you think!

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