Top 10 Celebrity Sex Tapes

September 13, 2010

We have done a lot of top 10 lists over the years, but this is certainly the naughtiest one yet. Find our list of the most infamous celebrity sex tapes below.


After doing some “research” I found that there are countless dirty videos featuring celebs. So what I’ve done is narrow those down to the cream of the crop, consequently, the ultimate celebrity sex tape list was born.

10. Eve and Stevie J – This scandalous vid is only 18 seconds long, which is 18 seconds too long if you ask me.

9. Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels – This groupie made the list twice, and even though the footage is so pixilated it looks like you are trying to look through a kaleidoscope, how could I not include these two rockers?

Of course we can’t actually post any sex tapes, but see what surprises you find by clicking here.

8. Fred Durst – He once said “I did it all for the nookie,” and he wasn’t kidding.

7. Verne Troyer – He found a partner, got a camera, pulled out his Mini Me and the rest is history.

6. Montana Fishburne – This is the most recent sextape on the list, and probably the least scandalous. Yep, the 19-year-old with the goofy stage name Chippy D released the tape through Vivid, and it was of her own accord!

Here’s another treat for you. Find a bunch of super sexy pictures here.

5. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – I bet Bret Michaels would beg to differ, but if he wants to be ranked higher than the Motley Crue drummer than he’ll just have to make his own celebrity sex tape list.

4. Daniela Cicarelli – This vid featuring the Brazilian MTV hostess is imported, which makes it not only exotic but classier too.

3. Dustin Diamond – Warning: side effects of watching this video include permanent loss of sex drive, impaired vision, and nausea. But, hey, it’s Screech, of course we had to give him a good ranking.

2. Paris Hilton – Not really that great of a vid, but the title, “One Night in Paris,” is priceless.

Here you will find more sexy photos.

1. Ray J and Kim Kardashian – How could this not be #1? Not because it is necessarily the best, but rather because, out of all the celebrity sex tapes on the Internet, this one is the most searched for, and how can all those pervs out there be wrong?




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