Lady Gaga VMA 2010: Most Outrageous Costume Yet!

September 12, 2010

At the star-studded event this evening we witnessed a sea of boring attire, with the exception of Lady Gaga’s VMA outfit, of course, which was certainly the most unique on the white carpet. Get the scoop below.

Lady Gaga VMA 2010

Much like parts of the Audubon has no speed limit, Lady Gaga doesn’t have a limit when it comes to fashion.

Here you will find more photos of Lady Gaga at the 2010 VMA.

One thing is for certain, and that is the pop diva is a risk taker. It seems as if she wears an outrageous getup to every major event that she attends, and in return, people talk about it for weeks.

This year at the VMAs, the “Alejandro” singer sported long, sharpened fingernails, and silver and blue hair, complimented by oversized gold feathers. MTV describes her Alexander McQueen dress as consisting of a “high-necked, jeweled collar with a long train and black tulle at the bottom.”

During an interview tonight the controversial diva explained:

“That tough female spirit is something that I want to project. It’s meant to be, ‘This is my shield, this is my weapon, this is my inner sense of fame, this is my monster. “

The ‘Bad Romance’ singer was nominated for a record-shattering 13 VMA nominations, and as far as we know she has already won two awards: one for Best Dance Video – ‘Bad Romance’ and the other for Best Collaboration with Beyonce for ‘Telephone’. We are sure that she will win many more as the night goes on!

In other news – Gaga called for a repeal of the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Find out more at

Still engrained in everyone’s mind is last years shocking performance by Gaga at the 2009 Video Music Awards when she performed ‘Paparazzi,’ which was likely the most chilling VMA performances of all-time, and probably the most memorable too.

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s VMA costume? What was your favorite moment on and off the white carpet? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Check out pictures and video below.

Lady Gaga VMA 2010 1Lady Gaga VMA 2010Lady Gaga VMA 1Lady Gaga VMA 2Lady Gaga VMA 3Lady Gaga VMA

Photos: Otero/Nikki Nelson/FayesVision

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8 Responses to “Lady Gaga VMA 2010: Most Outrageous Costume Yet!”

  1. 1
    Joan Says:

    I thought the meat one at the end was disgusting..they could just skewer her and put on her on the grill like a huge kabob.

  2. 2
    Stacy Says:

    Well she’s definitely unique! But I thought the blood during her performance at the VMAs was a little much.

  3. 3
    Lisa Says:

    The first two dress were pretty tame for her and nicely done actually. I liked them. The meat dress? Ugh.

  4. 4
    Jen Says:

    She was ridiculous in that nasty dress. its taking it a bit too far if you ask me. you dont have to try so hard to be different that it gets gross.

  5. 5
    Jeanette Says:

    I actually liked the first dress…seeing her in the meat dress really made me feel ill. Seriously.

  6. 6
    Rachelle Says:

    She is becoming too over the top!

  7. 7
    International Joe Says:

    It’s called the Autobahn! Not audubon, hahaha.

  8. 8
    angela Says:

    i think lady gaga is the best singer ever and im a vegiterian but i still think the meat dress was cool!