White Noise from White Oprah

May 24, 2007

The White Oprah is telling a white lie. Greedy leech mommy Dina Lohan is denying that she ever referred to herself as the White Oprah, pinning the blame on the media. In a recent interview with US Weekly, Dina said:

“I’ve read all these things, like, I said I’m the white Oprah. I’ve never said that in my entire life! It’s completely ridiculous.�?

Maybe we can clear things up for the mommy who lost her mind: Star Magazine, August 10, 2006. Interviewer: David Caplan.


Dina Lohan: “I love to talk. Lindsay [ Lohan]’s friends call me ‘The White Oprah’ because they all come to me with their problems.�?

Hey, white girl. Own up. As White Oprah you have certain responsibilities to uphold. The young women of today are out there. Ready to be molded into addict hellions. There’s a dime in this for you. You can’t live on Lindsay’s paltry millions forever.

Besides that, the poor girl looks like a coke stroke could take her at any moment and what if she’s taken you off the life insurance policy without your knowledge? It’s time to share your wisdom and knowledge with America’s youth.

Think about it. What would the Black Oprah do?

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