Kristin Cavallari Sexy Lingerie Photos!

September 8, 2010

Holy hotness there are some Kristin Cavallari sexy lingerie photos circulating the net today and all I can say is you have to check them out. There is more on the provocative pictures of Cavallari plus a video that is a must see.

Kristin Cavallari 1

TMZ has posted photos of Kristin Cavallari in sexy lingerie and some compromising positions if you will. Oh yeah these are pictures of the reality TV star in a whole new light. I can say this there are going to be some very happy men out there after they lay their eyes on these shots of Cavallari.

I know you are dying to see the pictures and you can do so here but don’t forget to come back so you can see the hot video of Kristin below. Now back to the topic at hand the former The Hills and Laguna Beach star dressed in a black lacy barely covering anything bra along with black thigh high tights and very skimpy black panties in some interesting positions with a hot guy. TMZ is reporting that the hot guy in question is a celeb photog who took the pictures just for fun. Well I guess when you have nothing constructive, yes I do believe I am saying reality TV is constructive, going on you will resort to anything to stay in the spotlight.

Kristin Cavallari’s sexy lingerie photos are certainly going to have people talking about the blonde bad girl. I for one think the pictures are provocative and even a little shocking but I don’t think she looks all that great. In my opinion she looks slutty which I guess is the point but there are enough slutty celebrities out there does there really need to be another one. Oh well on to the next thing that Cavallari will do to keep herself from becoming a has been, or is she already one? You have my two cents on this now let me know yours and while you are at it check out the hot thumbnails of Kristin, there are even a couple of good cleavage pics.

Kristin Cavallari PhotoKristin Cavallari 3Kristin Cavallari 4Kristin Cavallari 5Kristin Cavallari 6

Photos: Nelson/Kristen Noseda/Apega/Dominic Chan/DJDM/Judy Eddy

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2 Responses to “Kristin Cavallari Sexy Lingerie Photos!”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    Those pics look horrible, IMO.

  2. 2
    Angela LaVille Says:

    I think she looks lovely