Keira Knightley Wins Damage in Libel Suit

May 24, 2007

Keira Knightley, star of “Pirates of the Caribbean�? has won just over $5,000 in damages on Thursday due to a libel suit she placed against “The Daily Mail�?

The suit was brought against the newspaper for comments that Knightley was excessively thin , looking anorexic.They had pictures from Keira Knightley on the beach that spread like wild fire in the Blogger World.
The Daily Mail even claimed that a picture of Keira Knightley may have caused the death of Pirates of the Caribbean, a 19 year old girl who died of anorexia.

Because of the newspaper’s claims, Knightley went on and sued their ass, whatever it is you do, don’t call Keira Knightley thin !

According to Knightley’s lawyer, Simon Smith, Keira’s weight has never fluctuated more than a few pounds throughout the entirety of her adult life. Even then, he says her weight is at an acceptable level for her age and body type.

Knightley plans to donate the money to a charity called BEAT, which helps people overcome both eating and mental disorders.

Well to me she looks terribly slim…I mean the bikini top wouldn’t even stay in the right place…

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One Response to “Keira Knightley Wins Damage in Libel Suit”

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