Kim Kardashian Playboy Cyber Club Photos, Hot!

September 6, 2010

Nearly naked Kim Kardashian Playboy Cyber Club photos are hot! The pictures of Kim were just released and let me tell you wowza they are awesome. There is more on this plus a video of Kardashian that is awesome.

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It sure isn’t the first time that she has taken her clothes off for the bunny however the Kim Kardashian naked Playboy Cyber Club photos are bringing a whole new level of hotness to the reality TV star. This time though the nude pictures of Kim will be sent to members of the elite online club so to speak, lucky you know whats huh!

That being said there are a couple of images floating around out there and I know you are dying to seem them which you can do here. According to RadarOnline a total of 25 naked pictures of Karadashian were taken. I gotta say the two I saw were freaking on fire. I think she looks even better than she did when she posed for the girlie magazine back in 2007.

I tell you what Kardashian sure has come a long way, remember when the issue of whether or not she should actually pose for the infamous magazine was a big deal? Well that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore and Kim certainly seems to be comfortable without her clothes on. If I had a rocking bod like hers I probably wouldn’t mind being naked either, you got Kim you look fabulous!

Kim Kardashian’s Playboy Cyber Club photos are freaking hot. Seriously though when is a nude Kim ever a bad thing! The 29 year old fashionista, celebrity whatever you want to call her is on fire. She sure is living up to her goal of staying focused on her career because it too is hotter than ever. Those are my thoughts on this topic let me know yours, come on you know you have some.

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Photos: www.wenn.comApega/Adriana M. Barraza/Nikki Nelson/The Media Circuit

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3 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Playboy Cyber Club Photos, Hot!”

  1. 1
    miriam Says:

    Kim ‘ pics are so hot and tasteful!!

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    Sexy pics, that’s for sure!

  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    I like how she looks with Miles, But I adore the way she looked with Reggie, both so hot