Jessica Simpson’s Changing Draws Interest

May 24, 2007

Jessica Simpson goes through more looks in a month than most people will sport in a lifetime.
Remember when she was a redhead not long ago? Then John Mayer must’ve said something about not digging firecrackers, because suddenly she changed to brunette.Now let’s talk about her skin-tone – that began changing too. Going from BurlyWood to a bit more Sienna – and finally she just looked like a catcher’s mitt. Now Jessica Simpson has changed again, going back to her traditional blond.

Look at that Jessica also ditched the boob-baring outfits in favor of regular t-shirts. Rock on Jessica…
So, Right Celebrity Fans, here’s the question – which of Jessica’s looks do you like best?

Jessica Simpson’s friends are reportedly speculating that Jessica Simpson is pregnant.

A source claiming to be a close friend told the National Enquirer: “Jessica’s friends are astounded at how huge her breasts have gotten, and are asking each other if she could be pregnant.�?

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